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About us

The first time I met Mr. Matsushita of Matsushita pearl farm was back in 1998.
The first impression of him was more like a biology teacher than someone who cultivates pearls. From then on, I visited the farm again and again. I actually observed the scenes of“KAKUIRE”“HAMAAGE”and cleaning the shells. I listened to many of Mr. Matsushita’s stories. In the course of handling the pearls Mr. Matsushita creates, I was attracted by the beauty of it.

For me, the definition of pearls is the pearls Mr. Matsushita makes.
It is something special since these are the only pearls on earth cultivated from rouge pearl oysters.

When Mr. Matsushita found this rouge pearl oyster while researching for some new strong shells, he thought
“This is the last chance God has given me, to create the most beautiful pearl”

I still cannot forget this Mr. Matsushita’s words.

From then on, Mr. Matsushita continued to research on the production of rouge oyster pearls.

Presently, Matsushita Pearl Farm is the only target of the activity of Forever Pearl Project.

We aim to embody step by step, investigating thoroughly the best environment for the pearls by being deeply concerned with just one farm.

Matsushita Pearl Farm has become a model case for making a pleasant environment for the pearls, and we wish this will result in raising the pearl farm as a whole.

Rie Nakatsu
Forever Pearl Project Representative

Initially worked as an office lady, and then went to America in order to learn about jewelry. Studied at Gemological Institute of America, a worldwide educational institution of jewelry judgment, and gained further study at a jewelry company after returning to Japan. Stood on her own feet at the age of 29 and established GIO ACCE. In addition, she switched to Cooperation HARTY PLUS in 2006, does planning for foreign jewelry brands, and began selling.

Forever Pearl Project (Cooperation HARTY PLUS+)
Postal Code: 152-0013
3-11-8 Minami Meguro-ku Tokyo

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