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Approach to Ecology

Disposal of the shells
One of the problems in environmental pollution is how to deal with the shells after picking the pearls.
In Matsushita pearl farm, the shells are utilized effectively by exporting to China and Korea for raw materials of buttons and mother-of-pearl-work*.

Disposal of the flesh
The scallops after the pearls being gathered are eaten deliciously in the nation.
However in most cases, the flesh itself in which the pearls were inside it is liquefied by smashing it with coals in a mixer and are washed away in the ocean.
This behavior is causing major ocean pollution.
Matsushita pearl farm is sore at heart over this fact and noticed that a substance called taurine exists in the flesh of the shell.
Taurine is an important nutrient for animals.
Mr. Matsushita thought up if taurine can be utilized efficiently as fish forage, since oyster pearls contain those taurine plentifully than oysters.
Mr. Matsushita completed his recycling techniques of oyster pearls and now is at the stage waiting to be put to practical use.

It is one of an industrial art technique to cut parts of the shell that shoots pearl ray into various shapes and decorate by fitting it into the lacquer.