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To Begin With
1996 summer Massive amount of pearl oysters died due to microbe viruses, and many cultivation dealers were plunged into bankruptcy and were out of business. This situation was featured on newspapers and news channels such as NHK.
In the first place, the circumstances surrounding the pearls are poor and are incomparable to the time about 110 years ago when cultivation just started. There are various factors of the cause, including the present environment, external cause and hybrid of conventional pearl oysters going through several generations due to global warming, and the seed itself is dying down.
It may be a reckless task for us human to challenge in improving the circumstances in making the pearls against the ocean of the countryside, considering these bad conditions. However, we cannot just keep quiet and do nothing. There is a fear that no more pearls will be collected from the Japanese ocean in the next 50 years.
What we can do for the pearls.
We are thinking of working on our task, little by little to make some improvements.