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To Create Beautiful Pearls

In general, “good pearls” are said to have the following qualities.
  -Thick rolls
  -Very close to a round shape
  -No scratches or dent
  -Beautiful color
  -Strong gloss

These elements can be created artificially after taking out the pearl from the shell by using various techniques and this is called “processing”.
Matsushita Pearl Farm does not rely on the “processing”. They go back to the basis of the pearl making and create pearls that filled with beauty from the inside.
“Processing” may spoil the natural beauty of the pearl, and moreover, Mr. Matsushita has a strong thought to prevent environmental pollution.

Rouge Pearl Oysters®
During the research of hybrid breed the foreign pearl oysters in 1997, some vivid red shells were found thriving with all the other ordinary shells.
This was the birth of “rouge pearl oysters”.
This shell was developed by Mr. Matsushita, and it only exists in the Matsushita Pearl Farm.
The number of these pearls collected annually will only make about 500 necklaces.
Rouge pearl oysters are extremely strong from viruses, and it creates a tremendously beautiful iridescent glow.

Bleaching by Optical Fiber (Patent Acquisition)
In the pearls raised from the seashore, there are some that are stained and yellowed.
Generally, chemical bleaching is used in order to remove them.
However, by this method, the tissue of the pearl will get harmed.
Since Mr. Matsushita is an expert in the study of ocean, he developed the bleaching method from optical fiber that does not damage any pearl tissues and will remove the stains.

Pearl nucleus using fibronectin and the cultivation method (Patent Acquisition)
It is a kind of scaffolding nucleus that is painted with fibronectin protein to connect well with the cell.
As a result, it prevents the nucleus from falling off and will be able to make a good quality pearl.

Managing the quality by consistent production
Usually in pearl culture, the shells used for making pearls are stocked from a shell wholesaler, and the farming of shells and pearls are done separately.
However, in Matsushita pearl farm the process is done consistently that takes about 5 years to make the product, starting from hatching the rouge pearl oysters.

Rough Dyeing
In order to complete the pearls beautifully, giving make up processing?
That uses coloring is becoming common.
Nevertheless, dyeing cause pearls to fade and discolor.
It seems beautiful when painted, but it may be a bad influence to the skin itself, alike the relationship between human and makeup.
From all these above, Matsushita pearl farm does not give dyeing process as a finish.