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About This  Project

The purpose of this project
To protect the pearls, which is one of the Japanese culture, by continuing this operation in solving the environmental problem through the pearls.

Location of the activity
There are approximately 800 pearl farms existing in Japan, including Mie-Prefecture, Ehime-Prefecture, and Nagasaki Prefecture.
Above all, we requested support from Matsushita Pearl Farm, the oldest pearl farm in Ehime-Prefecture, in order to go forward with this project.
Matsushita Farm is located in Uwajima.
It takes about 1 hour 20 minutes to Matsuyama from Tokyo by plane, from Matsuyama to Uwajima is also about 1 hour 20 minutes by limited express, and from Uwajima station to the farm is about 20 minutes by car, where you will see the peaceful Uwa Ocean.

How to Participate
To all who approved to "Forever Pearl Project", please work with us as a member of "My Pearl Club".
We will be introducing the project matter through this website.
Any one all over the world is more than welcome to join us.
We will be waiting for all pearl lovers to participate.

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